Janitorial Services

Your property takes much time and effort to maintain so that it can look its best.  Let us reduce your stress with our Janitorial Services, so you can have more time for what's important to you! Our cleaning services help to preserve your valuable business assets - your building, floors, fixtures, furniture and walls - so that they project a positive image to your clients.  At LEADER Professional Cleaning, we want your business to look the best it can be!  

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floors - MAINTENANCE & Refinishing  

Whether it be buffing, burnishing, daily mopping, scrubbing, striping and refinishing with wax - we take care of cleaning and maintaining your floors! Our professional techniques, high quality products and equipment ensure that your floors will look great!  Our floor care program ensures that floors are maintained to look their best.   

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Floor Refinishing - LEADER Professional Cleaning

Construction Clean up

After construction or renovations, your property needs to be cleaned!  We provide construction clean up for businesses and newly built housing.  With our Janitorial Services you can move into your building with a fresh start, settling into your new routine with the least amount of stress.  

Quality Assurance

To ensure the high-standard of our Janitorial Services are maintained, we have regular inspections of each worksite by our Business Owners. Our workers are highly trained in the latest cleaning techniques and have years of experience behind them. Daily checklists and schedules for janitorial tasks ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten. We keep your business' interests as our first priority!

General Office cleaning

We offer daily to weekly general office cleaning services that are catered to the needs of each individual client. The professional grade products our Janitorial team uses promote health benefits by minimizing the spread of viruses on common surfaces and aid in a healthier work environment for you and your employees. Our cleaning experience ranges from small businesses, maintenance of several professional buildings, as well as government contracts. Choose the Janitors you can trust and see the difference that quality makes!

Specialty Cleaning Services 

We also offer Specialty Cleaning Services that are unique to your request. This includes special event cleaning, wall washing, window cleaning, emergency services, minor maintenance, chair cleaning and other similar services.

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Spring Cleaning Services 

Need a freshening up after winter? We offer Spring Cleaning services - ANY Time of the Year - for your business! 

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Onsite container office cleaning services

Is your office temporarily located at a work site? LEADER Professional Cleaning can come to you! We offer professional cleaning of Container Offices of any size on the work site! A professional office can and should feel professionally cleaned, no matter where it's located! Contact Us for details.